Will Clutter Bootcamp Change Your Life?
YES!! See the testimonials below
This CHALLENGE Will Be Held...
August 1 - August 8

5 Video Lessons
5 Live Q&A Clutter Coaching Calls

•Lifetime access to the video lessons

Clutter Bootcamp is not just another decluttering challenge. 
It's a totally new and simple way to approach all the clutter in your life!
AND, this Bootcamp is designed to fit into even the busiest of schedules!
Thousands have experienced This transformative clutter Bootcamp.  
This is what they have to say:
how does bootcamp work?
  • 5 Days of Video Lessons: Everyday there will be a video lesson inside a private, judgement-free Facebook group. The lessons are all less than 30 minutes.  
  • 5 Days of Live Q&A Clutter Coaching Calls: Join Jes Marcy, Clutter Coach, each day on a live Q&A Zoom call. 
  • Action Steps That Fit Into Your Busy Life: No one really has time to devote hours to decluttering everyday (and who WANTS to do that!?!).  Clutter Bootcamp provides easy-to-implement action steps that fit into EVERY schedule. You have clutter everyday and the solution has to fit into your everyday life.
  • Feedback and Answers to All Your Questions the Entire Week: Jes and her team of coaches completely support you the entire week during Bootcamp. They are in the group all week long answering questions, cheering for your success, and lending a hand if you get stuck.
Imagine you ... having time in your life for things that you actually WANT to deal with ...
here are 3 ways this bootcamp will change your life forever:
Have years of clutter?
It doesn't matter how long you have lived with clutter, how much clutter you have, or how overwhelming your house feels. When you learn the right skills, tackling clutter is so much easier than you ever imagined. Learn these exact skills in Clutter Bootcamp!
Arguments about Clutter?
No more resentment because you need to deal with all the clutter; no more endless arguments about the mess. After Bootcamp, clutter doesn't stand between you and the ones you love anymore.
Clutter making you late?
Imagine morning routines that don't leave you searching for what you need, running late, and feeling guilty because another morning felt like a disaster. When your house is organized, you can finally be your best you.
Disclaimer - This bootcamp will give you actionable steps to TACKLE YOUR CLUTTER.. Results are not guaranteed. In fact, YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP TO GET RESULTS. At the end of the Challenge a program will be offered for purchase.
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